Send me your plastic chair picture!

Having a plastic chair photography from every country makes our world a better place. Or at least: me happy.

So please don’t hesitate to submit your pictures. (Using the form below or send a mail to henning(at)


The Plastic Chair(s)

  • Not every chair containing plastic is a plastic chair.
  • A plastic chair is made completely from plastic. No metal, no wood, no whatsoever. Plain plastic.
  • The plastic chair, is a monobloc plastic chair: made out of one piece. Not foldable.
  • Preferably, the chair has (or had) got four legs.
  • every color is fine. It’s not only about Those White Plastic Chairs.

The picture

  • In the best case, you put your picture under a CC BY 3.0 license.
  • In any case, I need your permission, to use the picture on this website. If not otherwise declared: by submitting your picture, I am assuming a cc-by-3.0-licence to publish it here.
  • Please provide information on the photographer (your name and e-Mail address), place (and date).
  • A high resolution is appreciated.
  • If there is a story to the picture: I’d love to read it. But every snapshot is fine.
Please also leave your E-MAIL ADDRESS and GEO LOCATION for your picture.

8 thoughts on “Send me your plastic chair picture!

  1. It was very dark and rainy day, and my wife put the chairs to drain on the balkony. I took the picture becouse they look wery strong there hit by rain and wind.

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