Half Moon Island, Antarctica

Antarctica has no government, although various countries claim sovereignty in certain regions. While a few of these countries have mutually recognized each other’s claims, the validity of these claims is not recognized universally.


Well, Antarctica is not a country and doesn’t help us to strike through all the 207 countries on this list. But it’s a own continent and certainly a cool place (in any regards) to have a plastic chair picture from. Now I got permission from David Curtis to use his terrific shot for plasticchair.org:


© by David Curtis (thanks for permitting usage!)

Kokkinochoma, Greece

Kokkinochoma – meaning „red soil“ – is a village near Kavala in the north-eastern part of Greece. Robert has been there and kindly sent in this chair. Quiete a while ago.

This and other great stuff from my plastic chair photography queues in mail, blog backend and Facebook will be sorted soon.


cc-by-3.0 Robert Handrow

Sal, Cape Verde

Asking people who where (or better will be) visiting missing countries is most times a reliable thing. Especially if you are really close. My parents had been to Cape Verde a couple of years ago and now checked there back catalog. Et voilà. Such a nice shot:


cc-by-3.0 Renate Wötzel

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

As promised, Marvin didn’t only sent in a goodie from Panama, but also one from Costa Rica

I’d like to share my Costa Rica picture with you. It was done in Puerto Viejo in Sept. 2012.

Costa Rica

“Costa Rica Chair” – cc-by-3.0 Marvin Blue

Panama City, Panama

Growing up in 1980′s Germany, my first association with Panama for a long time has been The Trip to Panama (Oh wie schön ist Panama). Just this morning, I had a delicious cup of my favorite coffee Elida Estate from Panama. And then, there was something nice in my inbox:

Hey, cool website! I’d like to share my Panama picture with you. It was done Sept. 2012. Have a great day.

Yeay! Marvin didn’t only submitted this nice shot, but also one from Costa Rica. Coming soon on plasticchair.org

Panama City

cc-by-3.0 Marvin Blue

Santa Rosa, USA

Just a beautifully composed plastic chair photography came in from Roxanne. This shadowy scene taken in California is just delicious. Also take a look at Roxanne Overton’s Website. There is really a lot of talent!

xlonely chair tues

“Chair Framed in Shadows” – cc-by-3.0 Roxanne Overton

GPS: 38°26′55″N 122°42′17″W / 38.44861°N 122.70472°W

Beirut, Lebanon

Al Jood Products is a Syrian plastic chair manufacturer, currently producing in Lebanon. They submitted this sample of there product. Thanks!


AlJood For Plastic Industries S.A.L

cc-by-3.0 AL Jood Products