Mumbai, India


“Mumbai” – by @birtef cc-by-3.0

I still got plenty of submitted chairs in queue. That’s good, because I won’t run out of content that quickly. But it’s bad, ’cause pepz put a lot of effort and love in shooting chairs, gathering pictures and sending them to me. And in my obsession to cover the whole world I tent to privilege those chairs from countries that aren’t covered yet. And that leaves some beautiful chairs behind. Well some of them on this picture from my colleague Birte are now finally released to public. More to come. I promise.

Quezon City, Philippines

Hey, i saw you on TV a few days ago (i forgot what news channel it is) and i found out that you have a blog about plastic chairs. Well, anyway, i also realized that you still have to receive a picture of a monobloc chair from my country, the Philippines.


“Stools” by Ivan – cc-by-3.0

That has been laying in my inbox for three month now. And I kinda feel bad about it. Because it’s always such a kind gesture and every plastic chair submission is a warm touch for my plastic chair soul. However, what is a chair and what isn’t?

I attached two pictures of three monobloc stools in different colors. These small chairs are quite popular in the Philippines. They are usually used in small restaurants (we call them eateries), canteens, cafeterias, for parties and other mini events or occasions. I own several of these and keep them in my house in case i had visitors.

So. Is a stool a chair? … I think according to my own rules they are plastic chairs. But I am really nor sure.

I hope you like the pics. I do. Even if I am not sure, if they count as a chair. :)


Lviv, Ukraine

ukraine-2014-05-07 17.00.35

Ukraine is still a current political hot spot in Europe. Rolf shot this crisis-proof seating there in Lviv and went a bit further to search Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev. There have been plenty of chairs, which where taken from the burned down Union building. However, no plastic chairs.


pictures by Rolf van Raden – cc-by-3.0

Itaugua, Paraguay

Hola, en Paraguay un hermoso país ubicado en el corazón de sudamerica por supuesto que también usamos sillas de plástico, aquí las utilizamos para festejar el cumpleaños numero 70 de la abuela.

Hello, in Paraguay a beautiful country located in the heart of South America of course we also use plastic chairs, we use them here to celebrate the 70th birthday of Grandma.

Plastic chairs aren’t just some heartless random objects. They are meant to comfort us, help us come together, sit together. Socialize. Dionisio Ayala’s picture (and the story behind the picture) is another perfect example. Mind blowing. Heart warming.


by Dionisio Ayala – cc-by-3.0