Itaugua, Paraguay

Hola, en Paraguay un hermoso país ubicado en el corazón de sudamerica por supuesto que también usamos sillas de plástico, aquí las utilizamos para festejar el cumpleaños numero 70 de la abuela.

Hello, in Paraguay a beautiful country located in the heart of South America of course we also use plastic chairs, we use them here to celebrate the 70th birthday of Grandma.

Plastic chairs aren’t just some heartless random objects. They are meant to comfort us, help us come together, sit together. Socialize. Dionisio Ayala’s picture (and the story behind the picture) is another perfect example. Mind blowing. Heart warming.


by Dionisio Ayala – cc-by-3.0

Zandvoort aan Zee, Netherlands

A lot of chairs in a small garden. And our favourite plastic chairs are there, too. Of course. Thanks to macquad/mparthesius for hunting down plastic chairs in Zandvoort.


“Vorgarten-Idylle” by Matthias Parthesius cc-by-nc-sa-3.0

Upper Zambesi River, Zambia

Andy got him: the guy who delivers ALL the plastic chairs:

I am fully convinced that there is just one man who delivers these chairs worldwide. Here he is in Zambia, on the upper Zambezi river. I will return with photos of him in his pick up truck in Greece.


cc-by-3.0 Andy Bostock

Windhoek, Namibia

Michael, CEO and Roaster at Black Delight Coffee in Hamburg is just on a coffee journey in Namibia and… kindly shot some plastic chairs:


Used by the security guide of the butchery.


From Windhoek / Namibia

pictures by Michael / socialbarista – cc-by-3.0

Abetefi, Ghana


“Left behind” by Appiah Patrick – cc-by-3.0

This picture shows us once again: the beautiful plastic chair is used everywhere. Even in such great hights.

This is from Abetifi –
in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Abetifi is the highest habitable place in Ghana and I was at the right place at right time to take this shot after a marriage ceremony. Abetifi is a very nice place to be with a great weather.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

And more amazing pictures from the Middle East.

Plastic chairs in Kuwait


Construction site in Kuwait

Construction site in Kuwait

Fresh chairs in Kuwait

Fresh chairs in Kuwait

Pictures by Renata Birkholz – cc-by-3.0

Hi Henning, these are some chairs and how they are used in Kuwait. One is at the Garage where my car is getting its maintenance – the oil films shows on the chairs – the other one at the construction site and partly repaired. The scaffolding around the chairs is still impressing me even I am such a long time here in the Middle East.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The aftermath of the Deutsche Welle feature still brings waves of gorgeous plastic chair submissions. And a) I still have a lot of manual work to do with them b) I am quiet busy with family and job duties in the moment and c) don’t want to fire away all at once so that each picture gets the top spot for a while.

So don’t stop submitting and don’t get concerned or angry if it takes a while. Every chair will get its place on the map eventually. Like this great one from F. Fraedrich, a German engineer living in Saudia Arabia:

Here is my share to your world wide collection. Especially for the picture taking I washed them properly. They get dusty very quickly as the nearby desert (and the Sahara on the other side of the Red Sea) is present all the time.

Further on the don’t last long as sommer heat brittles the plastic a lot. One has to be carefully taking palce on them. Shurely after 5 years latest. So one always have be aware of breaking in with it.

a little green in a desert area at Jeddah Red Sea

some green ones from the desert country – cc-by-3.0 F. Fraedrich

Picture taken in Jeddah at my entrance of the villa in Sharbatly Compound.