Santa Rosa, USA

Just a beautifully composed plastic chair photography came in from Roxanne. This shadowy scene taken in California is just delicious. Also take a look at Roxanne Overton’s Website. There is really a lot of talent!

xlonely chair tues

“Chair Framed in Shadows” – cc-by-3.0 Roxanne Overton

GPS: 38°26′55″N 122°42′17″W / 38.44861°N 122.70472°W

Beirut, Lebanon

Al Jood Products is a Syrian plastic chair manufacturer, currently producing in Lebanon. They submitted this sample of there product. Thanks!


AlJood For Plastic Industries S.A.L

cc-by-3.0 AL Jood Products

Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

Ahsan Asghar sent this nice picture via’s Facebook Page which you are always invited to like. While that is great and I appreciate every Facebook (or e-Mail) submission, it’s much easier for me, if you use the submission form on this website.

Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

cc-by-3.0 Ahsan Asghar

Pensacola, Florida, USA

Saw the feature yesterday about your site on Deutsche Welle and decided to jump in. So here are my contributions. I took them this morning while I was doing my volunteer work at a non-profit art gallery here in Pensacola. The chairs were in our store room.

More plastic chairs

“Plastic chairs in Pensacola, Florida” cc-by-3.0 Cynthia