Hebei, China

I guess you could consider this as targeted spam, but I still appreciate this very much in this context

Shixuan Furniture is the manufacturer in Hebei province , China mainland.We are specialized in designing, developingand manufacturing of various kinds of furniture in office chair. Shixuan owns a modern workshop and equipment. Every product is designed according to human engineering theory, made with choice material and extreme carefulness;Shixuan supplies not only top ranking furniture , but also sufficient respect and care for human nature.


cc-by-4.0 Linda

Rijeka, Croatia

This submission is probably a newspaper scan from Rijeka, which Romeo sent me. … Looking forward to visit this area in 2016. Hopefully.


Church of Our Lady of Trsat (Svetište Gospe Trsatske), Rijeka, Croatia

“Ready for great Eucharistic celebration” – submitted by Romeo

Smolensk Oblast, Russia

Most plastic chair pictures I get show pretty lonely chairs. Pretty but lonely. These chairs are not only together with a bunch of others in all kinds of different colors. But all seats are taken. Nice change. :)


This picture was taken at an orphanage in Pruki, Russia in the Smolensk oblast Summer 2011. We were celebrating “friend’s day!”

“Orphans and Plastic Chairs” – cc-by-3.0 Mary Massey